New Hire Package

How to Complete the New Hire Package

Please follow these directions to complete the New Hire Package. If you need assistance completing or signing it, scroll down to the Step-by-Step Guide for details.

To complete the new hire package, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Adobe, Google Play, or the App Store, if not already installed.


Sonic Systems


Step One

1. Download the New Hire Package (PDF) by clicking the button above.

Step Two

2. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat (not a web browser).

Step Three

3. Complete all the forms in the package. This requires a digital signature.

Step Four

4. Email your completed New Hire Package to to along with acopy of the following documents (a requirement for Federal Form I-9):

1. Driver’s License
2. U.S. Passport (photo page) — OR — U.S. Passport Card
3. Social Security Card — OR — Birth Certificate

Step-by-Step Guide

Saving Your Work

You can save your progress at any time by clicking the Save icon in the upper-left corner. Adobe will also ask if you want to save the document when you close it.


Signature fields require a Digital ID. You can use an existing signature if you have one or create a new one.

Creating a new Digital ID

1. Select Create a new Digital ID and click Continue.
Creating a new Digital ID - Step 1

2. Select Save to File and click Continue.
Creating a new Digital ID - Step 2

3. Enter your Name and Email Address and click Continue.
Creating a new Digital ID - Step 3

4. Create a Password and click Save. You will need this each time you sign a document, so make sure it is something you can easily remember.
Creating a new Digital ID - Step 4

5. Add your digital signature. Click on a Signature field, select the signature to use, and click Continue.
Creating a new Digital ID - Step 5

6. Enter your Password and Sign.
Creating a new Digital ID - Step 6

7. Save your file! Due to the nature of the signature fields, you will be required to save the file each time you sign.

8. Email your completed New Hire Package to along with a copy of the documents required for Federal Form I-9.

Best-in-Class Culture Fueled by ValuesBest-in-Class Culture Fueled by ValuesBest-in-Class Culture Fueled by Values

Best-in-Class Culture Fueled by Values



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Quality and Safety

This team takes pride in top-notch work. We exceed quality and safety expectations daily.

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People First

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Growth Mindset

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